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The future of communication is now, is a new way of communication that will change all the industries, customer behaviour and buying patterns. 
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Voucher via Chatbot

Upon clicking “Send to Messenger,” the bot can either open with a question to encourage engagement (as above) or deliver the coupon code immediately.

Landing Page via Chatbot

How does a bot seamlessly capture prospective customers’ information? By directing prospective customers from coupon landing pages to chatbots and asking a few pertinent questions:

Quizes for Personalization

Far from being a fad, quizzes consistently rank among the most shared. Quizzes inside of a chatbot are the next logical progression. Customers love quizzes because they are interactive, engaging, and fun.



Facebook Msg Ads to Chatbots

Chatbots remove the need for your prospect to type anything in order to become a subscriber. With the click of a button, the prospect engages in Messenger and is signed up.

Immediately, you gain access to the person’s full name, gender, time zone, preferred language, and even their profile pic.

Personalise and Applicable for Different Industries

Whether you are from brand, retail, insurance, fintech, education, and any industries, the application and impact of the chatbot are beyond imagination. 

Branding with bots - brands are employing chatbots to enable consumers to do a wide variety of task easily, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Conversational hospitality using bots transform frustrating, time-consuming experiences into a personalized and humanized conversation.

Reinvent retail - enterprises are turning to bots to change the traditional consumer experience into a gratifying, conversational, and personalized interaction. 

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